Monday, December 7, 2009

SWEA St Lucia Festival

i took the boys (minus the BIG boy) to the St. Lucia Festival at the Shrine in L.A. - hosted by SWEA. we had a little tradition growing up of going to the Orange County one. as a child i remember the little swedish kids eating cavier out of a tube (still grosses me out) and fishing in a little pond for goodie bags, the smorgasbord of goodies, getting ornaments for our tree and of course seeing St. Lucia with the candles in her head and the beautiful singing.

i am hoping to help create those memories for my boys. granted they are less swedish and they do have other cultures for which to celebrate...but st. lucia day is dear to my heart and our family and i hope to pass that on...even if i don't ever have a little st. lucia of my own :) - there were loads of awesome vendors - not just dala horses and candleabras - there were really neat swedish designers - of jewelry and wooden toys and clothes and i dont know - a lot of cool stuff. i was able to get some shirts for the boys - i will post a pic when they dress in it - so cute! also of course i got my tomte... still need to take a picture of him...he is guarding our mantle right now..very busy.

it was good fun - i loved the size of the l.a. one - next year it would be better to go with someone could stay with the kids while someone else waited in lines...there wasn't a whole lot for the little kids to do, but bryson did find the crafts table and of course the fishing pond, where he got a little goodie bag of stickers and suckers...he took all the pictures of St. Lucia - i think he had a little crush - i don't blame him - she was gorgeous!

God Jul everyone!


Julia said...

Count the Palmquists in next year! It's time I do some good Sweedish learning to go with my name!

Mary-Kerstin said...

I randomly stumbled upon your blog here on blogspot (late-night procrastination) and was looking at how ADORABLE your boys are. Honestly, two of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. Anyway, I saw "St. Lucia" out of the corner of my eye. Turns out I'm half Swedish and have been celebrating the feast of St. Lucia ever since I can remember! How amazing to click on a random blog and find someone who cherishes the same tradition! I've been to Sweden about every 2 years since I was an infant, and like you said, it is a beautiful country. I couldn't help but comment. Take care and keep celebrating!

Mary-Kerstin Lindqvist