Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pseudo Rebel Give-A-Way!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - it is high time that i host a give-a-away of Pseudo-Cheer! To the lucky recipient -you will get the album (newly released) - Shut Up N Party - by the Pseudo Rebels...alls you have to do is post a comment of your favorite Pseudo Rebels song/video..Cheers! I will announce the winner in 2 weeks - at the end of the year...(eeks!)


jena said...

we love pseudo rebels and think that joel should win a copy of the cd for his birthday, yo.

Solera said...

Pseudo Rebels may need to be Declan's first CD as he asks to watch "nonny" (aka the pseudo rebels star wars video) no less than 35 times per day.

Punky said...

I love the song Phenomenon! That's my dad's favorite too! =)