Monday, December 7, 2009

Pseudo Rebels - Kool Fine Lovely Video Release!

i love a good collaboration of artists. This is truely that! PR did this video a long while back...i think i had posted something about this...not sure...can't find it...but hopefully i can find the pictures because i made all the puppet costumes to look like the Pseudo Rebels! Yes! Sweet B was the official stylist of this video. my first stylist cred...this is even before they nailed down their rad sweaters, but they have their style much more dialed in now.

Not only that, but they also collaborated with my uncle Kevin - the infamous puppeteer. Click on his name to view his many creds - most recently he is Warehouse Mouse in the "Imagination Movers" TV series on Disney. He also runs a greeting card site Puppet Greetings. Just keep that in mind in case you haven't sent your Christmas card yet!!

Also - our friend Rachael Swanson is the main girl in the video and our friend Jason Naumann was the director. This was a legit video friends! they had extras and a set and crew and talent...most of whom we have had the pleasure to know since we moved to L.A. back in 2001...oh what a crappy year to move to L.A. and try to start first job interview out of college was at Dreamworks on Sept 11th...not good. that is beside the point...the point being this awesome video!! enjoy friends!