Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bryson's Bloodholes

we finally are in the midst of putting all our videos up that we have taken this year...seriously how did a year get by us? the problem is that all our personal videos are all mixed in with Pseudo Rebels and right now the personal videos are taking a back seat...but sifting through i found this little gem...its watch it when you are on hold with the phone company or something...with all the editing Bryan is doing for PR there is no way we are getting ours edited too!

anyway....if you follow his blog- - and if you know know there is no way i could possibly type as fast as that kid talks...bryan has been in the office several times when i do a post for him and he always says that the actual posting is funnier than the post itself...i agree...this is a cute little show of what goes into one of his posts...he takes it very serious..if you watch it all the way through you see me struggling to try to explain the basics of Christianity to a 3 year old...not easy...and it caught me off guard, but funny nonetheless!

You can view the original post here


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

SO fun to see the blog in action!!! Love that little kid...his curiosity is awesome.

Punky said...

HAHA!!! But I can't fly. He's too cute!