Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Semi-Swedish Baby

i made this dala horse shirt for him right before we went to the St. Lucia festival...the swedes loved it...it was a hit...and it took me literally 5 minutes...but i need to stitch it on cause i did a cruddy job with the heat n bond....kinda like the cruddy job i did photographing it...oh wells...i would love to put these up in the shop, but not sure if it would be a hit...

on a side note...when i went to Sweden back in 2001 - i went with a class from Calvin College...and we visited the Dala Horse factory...in the province of Dalarna...we went to Nils Olssen's shop...i guess there is like some wicked Swedish rivalry on the two shops - Nils vs. Grannas...our tour guide person convinced us that Nils is better...even though they look identical...whatever...anyway - if you ever go to Sweden - spend some time in Dalarna - it is by far one of the quaintest, cutest, artistic, beautiful places in Sweden - just a tip...since you were in the midst of planning that Swedish vacation and all...but seriously...if you are ever thinking about taking your kids to Europe - Sweden is such a kid-friendly place...the Swedes are amazingly thoughtful when designing spaces to keep kids in mind. for instance - in Stockholm most stairways have ramps that go through them for wheelchairs and strollers. also - in most museums there is some sort of kid play area (like at IKEA and the play area they have there) there is a famous sculpture garden in sweden and in the front they have a special Pippi Longstocking play area - even the subway is easy to get on and off with a stroller - i saw people doing it...i didnt have kids at the time.

okay - i thought i was just going to show this cute shirt and instead i promoted Sweden...whatever....sorry...i need to get back to work!

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