Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 Months Old

Happy Birthday Bodie! Bodie turned 1 year old on Christmas Eve. i decided to make the morning extra special for him since he was born in the morning...so i made PW's cinnamon rolls with Maple Coffee icing....YUUUUMMMMM....i ate about 3 of them...or 4....and then sent one tin with Ruthie up to her parents house and the other tin went to my aunt's house later that evening...i am thinking that this will have to be a tradition...because i will probably be craving them at least once a year! Bryan also made an amazing breakfast and we feasted and Bodie opened some presents...a wood stacking toy and a stuffed panda from Ruth - he really could care less about any of the toys i got him. Bryan got him a plastic golf set from Roger Dunn, and he has not parted with the driver since. great! now i have 3 golf crazed men in my life...awesome. We had a very nice relaxing morning and just hung out and played. it was so nice to not to have to be anywhere (well not until 5 anyway) and we could just be together (which happens much more rarely than one would think) - it was a very very special birthday and Christmas Eve. Probably my favorite one (apart from last year's of course!) Bodie is walking like crazy now! the farthest he has gone is 5 steps, but he attempts it all the time now and is so stable standing up...you can tell he is enjoying this new feat of his as well. he seemed to pick up quite a bit of confidence over the past couple days!

i realize i never posted my labor story and if i get a moment i would like to...we were talking about that day a lot this past week and it makes me sad i never documented it well...it should be documented. it was an amazing day. Pics of Christmas to follow as well. Bryan got a new lens for Christmas and has been testing it out ever since : )


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

What lens did he get???

CarleeKajsa said...

the one you recommended - a canon 75-300mm EF