Thursday, December 4, 2008

obsession #2 - christmas tomtes

its december...i have been looking forward to this month for more than one very obvious reason...i love this time of year. as soon as thanksgiving was over we picked up our tree on the way home from my dad' we i mean i forced bryan to pick up our tree. he is such a good sport. i busted out the christmas cd's and we trimmed the tree and for all my cheesiness i think both my boys liked it. i know its going to be like this every christmas...the boys placating my holiday cheesiness, but secretly enjoying its traditional cheesy wonderfulness. at any rate - i am showing no signs of stopping. we put up lights a couple of days ago, and again by we i mean i made bryan put up the lights. and every night bryson demands that we go see them - which i am thankful for because they are quite wonderful. its about the only thing making me get out of the house at this point. i am in full hermit mode and attempting to make my hermitage as comfortable as filling it with pine and cedar and lights and reminding myself that soon...very soon...

this last weekend we were able to go to the orange county SWEA swedish festival. i remember going as a child and watching the st. lucia pageant (and at one point begging my mom to get the electric candle wreath instead of the evil wax-dripping real one! anyway - it was delightful to be around such delightful people...swedes are truly amazing people - don't you know? i was also surrounded by delightful swedish handmade little secret obsession with tomtes had to assuaded somehow - i was able to get an advent wreath and tomte knick-knack in one so i was pretty happy...let me tell you.

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JJ said...

I'm so thankful I always had the battery-powered wreath...with my thin hair, my mom wasn't taking any chances with live fire.