Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shop Update! Animal Hoodies

the shop is updated with my latest little addition...i haven't thought of a creative name for them yet...any suggestions? this came out of a halloween idea for me since i will be a dog - to just use a brown hoodie and stitch some ears on it...bryan thought it would be good to do for kids too and then my mind started racing...i have a lot of other ideas and will be making them in the coming weeks - dinosaurs and monkeys and dogs and kitties and skunks to name a few...too bad i didnt think of this a couple months ago BEFORE halloween! but i think its something that kids could wear year round...not too costume-y since they can put the hood down and be "normal"...super easy and fun to make and a great little new gift idea that i am sure i will have in my "bag o tricks" in case i realized like i did this weekend that we were going to a bday party the next day and i hadn't gotten the birthday children anything yet!!!

i know this isn't a new idea...i know it must be done before...but i have never seen them around have you? now some smart alec is going to find some huge brand that makes them...oh well...i promise i wasn't ripping anyone off if that helps things at all :)


Kaci Lundgren said...

I like those--and Bodie is a good model. They look kind of like a rock-star mohawk or a good way!

Rashelle said...

I think it's brilliant! Charlotte would like a zebra hoodie :)

Paige said...

Love them!

And, I hate to be "the smart alec" but Martha did a feature last year about 10 costumes you can make with a hoodie.

The most ironic bit? I came online just now to print out the frog hoodie template for my costume. I was the big bad wolf last year, and this year for the children's parade, Hank and I are both toads. His costume is way more costume-y than mine though. I am sure I will have photos up soon!

Yours are way more original, though. LOVE the horse!