Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yesterday was pockey pock's bday apparently. i asked how old he turned. "five" was his reply. "but when i play with him i am 5 too"

uncle jake had to pick up a co-worker the other day and so he took bryson to get doughnuts. after they got back he asked bryson, "who's the greatest?" bryson replied, "uncle jake". "who's the bum?" uncle jake asked, "mommy" bryson replied. i then reminded him, "remember the other day bryson when you told me 'mommy you're the greatest...uncle jake's not the greatest...you're the greatest."....a spry smile and he replied, "ummm...yeah, but i wasnt gunna tell him that!"

at dinner the other night i had to nurse a fussy Bodie...apparantly Bryson told B "ahhh...mom is such a downer, why doesn't she just let Bodie cry and come and eat or sumpeen"

B got his hair cut today and Bryson told him, "Dad, i like it when your hair is big and curly...i'm not saying i dont like it now though"

trying to get him to go to bed tonight he says, "i just want to stay up some more or sumpeen"

at dinner the other night he tells B and I, "I was like what?"

when did we get a teenager?


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

HILARIOUS! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic, too!

Rashelle said...

Yeah, that's a great picture. Is he "just chillin'" with you again today?

Punky said...

Bryson is Hilarious! Oh man! I'll have to get pockey pock a present or sumpeen =)