Tuesday, October 20, 2009

where the wild things are movie review

i have been looking forward to this movie ever since i heard rumors of it a year ago and the trailer...the book was my favorite as a child...me along with millions of others i am sure! i was very skeptical how they could turn a book with a mere 10 sentences into a feature length movie...i was weary about the story and someone sneaking some agenda into it...you know how agendas get snuck into just about every children's movie...not naming names (cough...pixar...cough)- i love me some pixar, but how much of their movies are for adults? really...

anyway - i was so pleasantly blown away - by everything...the costumes of the Wild Things (which took a year to make...which took another year for the facial expressions - there is a cool article here about the making of it if you want to read more) the acting, the visual experience of the island, the fort, the world Spike Jonze created, the story...the heart of it really.

the heart of it...let me expand because this is what grabs me...max is a 9 year old boy...he has an older 15 or 16 year old sister who has crossed the brink from childhood to puberty...max is at that age - you know that age - that age where you know your childhood is going to end soon...you are not sure whether or not to believe in Santa Claus, but you still want to very bad...you still want to play with your Barbies or GI Joes or Star Wars Characters, but know you are getting a little old for it...but you still feel very much like a kid. you are still very much treated like a kid...but on that brink...that precipice...that scary unknown where everyhting is about to change and your emotions are becoming more complex...and you aren't sure how to articulate that because everyone still very much talks to you like you are a child.....*sigh*

so he has a "wild thing" in him...and explores this world where he can be the king...the parent if you will...the one in control...and finds out it isnt so much what its cracked up to be...i won't spoil the movie...i won't hype it up either, because i am sure this movie isn't for *everyone* - it is Spike Jonze after all...but it was very much for me...and very much for Bryson...he went to the movie in his max suit (i wish i had pics of it...so very cute and made other movie goers so very happy) and he gasped when Max said "Be Still!" ( i always say that to him when he is being a little wild thing and he always flashes me a big mischievous smile)

is it or is it not a kids movie? i would argue YES and NO - just like any great kids book should be! but to be more helpful in case you are wondering if this is safe to take your child to...i was not worried about Bryson because he is some sadistic kid that loves scary things...always has...fearless this one...and dreams about smores afterwards...BUT if that is not your child here are some parts that raised an eyebrow:
1. max bites his mom (not like there is blood or anything gory, but still)
2. they say "damn" (i think...i am pretty sure...they use some strong language of some sort at least once)
3. one of the wild things tears off another wild things' arm (again no blood but still)

Can't wait to hear what you all thought!!!

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