Monday, October 26, 2009

Santa Ana Discovery Center

Bryson has been way into science ever since Mor Mor's last visit...she got him hooked on this show Sid the Science Kid, which i have since banned since they go and get all political with their vaccine agenda....why do kids shows have to be political? why do kids movies have to be so political too? Battle for Terra, Astroboy, Wall-E, Up, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...its like Al Gore decided to make kids movies...anyway - back to the point of all this...

So Bryson has been into science and the other day i was trying to get some work done and he kept getting into things he ought not to have and all morning it was "Bryson stop touching that" "Where did you get that? Put that back and never play with that again!" and "Stop playing with mommy's sewing stuff!" so i started feeling bad for the poor much of his day is "no - don't touch" i wanted to take him somewhere with cool stuff he could actually touch! so off we went to the Santa Ana Discovery Science was a lot of fun...minus the field trips of kids - i thought by going right after it opened we may bypass them, but no...but it was still great. my biggest challenge was that i didnt want to tell him no - or as little as i had my patience tried as i let him play as long as he wanted with the dinosaur wand or the height measure and tried not to let my boredom get in the way of his fun...

they had a dinosaur hunt in the back that was by far the best thing for him. they gave him a treasure map and wand (well for $3 they "gave" it to him) and when you waved your wand over some of the parts - for example a geode - it opened up and lit up and made a sound like a fairy sprinkling dust or something...when you waved your wand over something that wasn't on your map it went "wah wah wahhhhh" this pic on the right is of dino poop and it made that noise and to an almost 4 yr old this is absolutely hilarioius...he has reminded me of this approximately 567 times since we went last week.

this is the kind of museum that Bryson belongs in...someday LACMA, but for right now this works!

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