Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Journal Entry #6 - Pirate's Park

This little park was on my summer list - I needed to go to a couple thrift stores in the area and thought this would be a great little middle stopping point for the little ones (bryson was gone that week at his grandparent's house). I was recently having a conversation with another LB mama lamenting the fact that we have been to every park in LB like a hundred gazillion times and my boys are over a lot of them. She told me that Lakewood and Bellflower have some pretty awesome parks that her kids never tire I made it a point to look some up in that area since errands bring me to those areas once in a while.

This park was so funny. It is back behind storefronts off of Bellflower Blvd. It was pretty small, but lots of stuff to climb. I got there and my initial reaction was "oh this will last all of 15 minutes" because it just was a lot smaller than I imagined...but i was wrong - i couldn't get them to leave after an hour! and bodie talked about this park to everyone that would listen. When a lot of bigger kids invaded the park...i made my boys leave despite protestations because it wasn't going to end well. But if you find yourself in the area...and find yourself with a half hour or so to kill...and your kiddos like climbing...check it out!

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