Friday, June 7, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

My man has a lot of interests...the one on the top of the list is I usually default and get him a gift certificate to a golf shop, which he is more than fine with....but I always feel like its such a cop out gift. Coming up to Father's Day, I know he has a birthday around the corner and our anniversary, so I am always stumped for gift ideas...I thought I would be a little more pro-active and create a gift list and share it with you - maybe it gets your brain going too?

1. Camping Coffee Maker
2. Funky Shorts
3. Chambray Shirt
4. Grill Basket
5. Smashball - kind of an inside joke, but also a favorite beach activity!
6. Camping hammock for 2! (okay maybe this is more for me since I am the lazy one!)
7. Scooter - He keeps telling me I need to get one of these (for therapy on my broken ankle) which leads me to believe he really wants one for himself
8. Travis Matthews is always a winner

Awesome Filliping Veggie Grill Basket 
His favorite balls

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