Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Journal - Entry #1 - The Penninsula

Last Day of School with Classmates Kyle and Declan

Beach Day

I am having Bryson do a summer journal to keep up with his writing and typing throughout the summer. I told him at the end of the summer we can print it out and he will have this cool keepsake of the summer. He is loving the idea (so far) and I thought I would join along since it will give a little more insight into our adventures (he is only asked to do 5 sentences minimum). 

So...last day of First Grade. Just as the school year started they passed through Mrs. Shack's "Magic Door" and became Second Graders! So exciting...but Bryson was a bit sad. He loves Mrs. Shack dearly. I can tell this because on the back of their spelling tests they are asked to write a sentence - whatever they want - and bryson always writes something like "Mrs. Shack is byootiful" very sweet. She was a great teacher for him and he improved in so many ways. We will certainly miss her. 

About a year ago Bryan and I started meal planning and it made such a positive impact on our daily routine (not to mention budget) so I decided I needed to apply the same concept with our days. Due to our home business (a seasonal business that is super busy in the summer plus 2 people who work in our home office at a time) we need to have our days planned so as not to interrupt the office. 

I am not a planner - so this is a challenge for me, but so far it is working! Our first day after school went out we went to the Peninsula - our happy place. Easy for me - street side (free) parking, not a long way to tote all our stuff- no waves and a long embankment make it not a worry, plus if you get there early you get the beach to yourself! This day they played pretty well together. Bryson tied Bodie's board to his and toted him around for a half an hour. Bobby played by himself in the sand happily for almost an hour. It is always amazing to me how they play so much better when things are simplified. 

We will see this beach many more times this Summer - and we feel super blessed to live up the street from here!

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