Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Journal - Entry #2 - LACMA

I haven't taken the boys to LACMA since Bodie was a baby. I went here with some girlfriends a few months back and saw the Metropolis exhibit and knew I had to show the boys. It was soooo worth it - mind blowing! They watched it for 20 minutes. The longest they have ever looked at art. It was neat - it opened up all kinds of discussions about what art is. This was definitely the hit of the day - Bobby told everyone "the cars go weally fast!" Bryson learned about installations and kinetic sculptures and how to talk about art. 

On the way to the museum I was prepping the boys (especially Bobby and Bodie) about touching. Bodie touches EVERYTHING. when we are at the grocery store...i swear he has to touch every single item on the is extremely frustrating. so i knew he would struggle at the museum. I made Bobby go in the stroller most of the time and I made Bryson and Bodie each hold one of the stroller handles while walking in the museum. It still didn't stop Bodie from touching the BIG billiard ball exhibit and getting scolded from the scary museum lady. 

We also made sure to see Levitated Mass - this was not so much a hit...they couldn't understand why a big rock was art. I tried to explain it in kid terms, then just reverted to - look isn't it so cool to be UNDER a HUGE rock? When can you ever do that? that did it...they lit up and tried to jump up to reach it. then they ran not so much a hit, but I love this because I remember the fan fare around it and it came through Long Beach and I got to see it and I think its pretty neat to have something of nature of this size in the middle of LA.

We attempted the family tour - by the way...if you also are inclined to do this - I think it is best for school age children...not so much for 4 year and 2 year old boys who would rather run under a large boulder 100 times than sit and talk about color. Just sayin.

Oh...I forgot the best part! Usually admission is $15, but if you bring your kids and sign them up for a (free) membership- they can bring an adult with them for free! so I was able to get in for free and the boys got those cool orange membership passes - win win! 

Side Note: Metropolis is only running on the weekends, during the week its just a large non-kinetic sculpture. Also parking is $10

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