Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Journal Entry #5 - T.M.A.F.I.

at the campsite
After a day on Lake Sabrina - everyone caught = everyone smiles
Bryson's winning trout - 1.25 Lb
Bodie and Declan looking for fish
I let bodie reel in my first catch...a truly selfless mama act (if you know me, you would be impressed by this)
all day long

 We had our annual T.M.A.F.I. fishing tournament this last weekend. We haven't brought the kids in 4 years. We totally remembered why after this weekend...just kidding! it was so nice to just have the bigger boys (Bobby's grandpa drove all the way down from San Jose just to watch him - sweetest Grandpa!). There is a creek that runs through the site and Bobby would be a constant source of anxiety...because I can't go to the arboretum without him falling in the lake or creek...i always bring 2 changes of clothes for Bobby - he loves falling in things...so this way we still got to enjoy time with (most of) our boys and relax (a little).

Actually what was so amazing is that Bryson got so annoyed at having to wait for one of us to tie his lines, he taught himself. I showed him once and he was good for pretty much the rest of the trip. He got tangled a few times, but man- born fisherman! He caught 2 fish all by himself all week - once in the creek and the one that won the tournament at Lake Sabrina. I am pretty proud of him - it took us a few years to learn how to fish the lakes..and little bugger gets it his first go.

The boys did great - i was worried the boat was going to be too much for them and they really didnt complain about it. Bodie hardly fished and was fine to sit and watch. At one point he told us that something is making his line shake...he started reeling in and he had a fish! we couldnt believe it! he ended up catching 2 that day. We had a lot of kids this year too, so it was fun for them to have constant playmates. And the food...man...food is so much better out there...up there...its the altitude as much as the environment i think. We had the most amazing desserts (campfire cones, smores, cinnamon rolls cooked in orange peels) i ate more desserts on this trip than i have in a few months together...worth it!

I truly had one of the best times this last weekend. I am so thrilled to start creating these memories for my boys - to share this place that is so special to me with them...and hoping they love it and much and as deep hearted as I do.

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P.S. - I can't do all the same summer journal entries as Bryson since half of the time his dad will be taking him out. In case you were wondering.

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