Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing Natural Shaving Scrub

Via Military Fit Bombshell

It is fun to have teenage nieces...they teach you all kinds of interesting things, like "shipping" and everything you want to know (and maybe not) about One Direction, and how to do a Sock Bun...but this last thing one of my nieces taught me was this sugar scrub. I did this a couple days ago and it is AMAZING you guys! I was making everyone feel my legs, because they were soooo smooth.

I usually get bumps (especially on my upper thigh) after I shave, which are ingrown hairs, and after doing this - not a bump! plus the olive oil really helps seal in the moisture - the next day i was at the pool and the water was beading off of me for a good 2 hours!

Please click on link for original post - but she recommends soaking your legs for 5 minutes, shaving, applying the scrub by massaging it in for a good long time, then shaving again, then apply again and rinse off.

I made a batch and keep it in a tupperware bowl in my bathroom - one batch is probably good for a good 5 shaves or so! Have fun!

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