Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Journal - Entry #4 - Blackberry Picking

We went here about the same time last year. (Here is last year's post) I had wanted to go earlier, but it didn't work out with our schedule. I also didn't plan ahead too well and couldn't get anyone to go last minute, so it was just our little clan this year, but it turned out to be such a nice day! Bryson was super into it. He picked so many and went on a picking rampage - i loved it! Bodie was getting over it. I made them all wear pants since the blackberry bushes are so prickly and it was rather hot out, so I tried to find blackberry bushes in the shade and he just lost all focus. Surprisingly Bobby was actually focused. He collected more dirt and rocks and needles and things than blackberries...and the blackberries he did pick were all pink...but still - a focused on a task Bobby is a happy Bobby!

I brought a blanket and a picnic lunch and we had the nicest little lunch - the four of us. We talked about the different birds we saw, why some trees have thorns, what we should make with our blackberries. It was nice - it is days like this that make me so thankful I am able to be with my children most of the week. (disclaimer: I don't always have that attitude) 

Bryson agreed to let me have his blackberries if I shared some jam with him - Deal! I made freezer blackberry jam using this recipe and it came out pretty runny. It is still super yummy - not really complaining, but next time i should use less juice! maybe more pectin? dunno...future self - please research before next jam session. 

Side Note: I should add that we were on the backside of the Marsh - accessible by Michelson Ave - (the street you park on is Rimparion)

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