Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap - Santa Barbara

we trekked up to Santa Barbara this weekend for the day...for me to attend a bridal shower (why has it been like 3 years since the last bridal shower?) and for Bryan and the boys to play with friends. i, unfortunately, did not get any pictures of the bridal shower...that is what happens when you take a 3 week old baby as your guest :) - but take my word for was so amazing...elegant...the food and the little courtyard - gorgeous!

 i think it all makes me kinda glad that bryan and i were the first of our friends to marry because everyone's wedding and showers and parties have been so unbelievably amazing...we didnt have that pressure because we had hardly attended weddings at that point everyone's parties look like they came straight out of a magazine...anyway...i digress.
it was certainly nice to have some girl time. i truly cherish any adult time i can get right now - i feel like i am in a boy war zone most the peace and quiet and wonderful chatter of girls felt very nice...refreshing even!

After the bridal shower we headed over to our friends' house for a BBQ...there were only these four cuties above, but it seemed like a lot more...toddlers can be very overpowering! we had so much fun and so did our boys - it makes the drive worth it!

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