Sunday, September 19, 2010

Riley's Farm

last year we went too late to Riley's Farm...this year i was determined to make it while the apples were still on the trees...and this weekend we were able to. a couple notes for me for next year:

1. Make sure you go to Riley's Apple Farm...not Riley's Farm (Riley's APPLE farm is one stop past Riley's Farm)...apparently they are different and Riley's Farm does NOT have the bow and arrow for Bryson to shoot...and he really wanted to shoot it BAD momma!
2. Make sure you go to Riley's Apple Farm because the apples are not a mile away for you to pick...
3. Do NOT go on a weekend...somehow make it work during the week! (which may not work since Bryson will be in Kindergarten next year...oh well)

So...we are at this awkward stage right now. Bodie is almost-but-not-quite 2 years old. that means the following: 1. he hates the stroller and 2. he is the worst follower and walker ever. i know this from taking bryson to school every day. i know this from having to run errands at the post office and bank every day. i also like being very minimalistic on outings with kids and refused to take a stroller. so i shouldnt be surprised when we get to the apple farm right around nap and lunchtime and everyone is tired, hungry and CRANKY and no one wants to trek the mile up hill to pick apples...all the while i am trying to make this so FUN and EXCITING and nursing a cranky baby in the Moby the whole while...

but somehow through it all...i looked at our *now complete* little family and started tearing up...with joyous tears...because here we were - starting our own little traditions - as a family...our family...and even though it was not easy and seamless (is anything with 3 kids ever that way?) it was us...and us feels good...we are forming our family culture right now - and although...admittedly...i am a hormonally charged postpartum-sleep-deprived mama...i am very happy...very very happy...with all my boys and everything that comes with them.

so anyway...back to the apple picking. we picked mainly jonathan type apples...which are a little like granny smith...of which i intended to make all kinds of baked goods today...of which i made exactly nothing. i better do something with them soon, though, or else we will have all kinds of rotten apples shortly. know any good pie/cobbler recipes?

bryan attempted to carry our Bodie on his shoulders...he was not so much into the hike..but he was playing with Bryan's curls so cute!

we also made 1 gallon of cider. which is pretty much the best stuff on earth...chock full of vitamin C and fiber and awesome-ness.

i love this picture of me...can you tell what my face is saying? "bodie stay out of my please burp for me so you will stop crying and let me smile like i am not about to lose it" i am such a mom...its a little scary...

and here is our second family of 5 picture...all appled and blackberried out!

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