Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paper Airplane Master

My house is now a paper airplane graveyard...there are at least 15 that i throw away (recycle) every night. bryson makes them with such fierceness...and they are all different styles too - he does like 5 different styles - i think he pretty much taught himself how to do it too...because i, for one, did not teach him that and i know for a second fact that his are better than his dad's silly "gliders". for about 3 weeks now Bryson has been perfecting his paper airplane making skills...i thought it was just a phase that would die down in a week or so...but no...still going strong...very fact...funny story...

jr. league started up last week and there was another mom at the table whose son was in Bryson's pre-school class over the summer...i told her that her son and mine were BFFs at school and she looked surprised and then said, "oh my gosh...bryson is YOUR son? he is a paper airplane GOD at our house! my son made me get a book at the library on how to make them because he wanted to make them as cool as bryson!" so apparently Bryson sends her son home with batches of airplanes too..even ones made from HUGE pieces of art paper...obsessed...i tell you...obsessed! 

he wanted to teach his friends how to do they read blogs or something...but he posted his steps over at his (much neglected) blog...You can get the low down HERE.

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Anonymous said...

just wait until Max gets home tonight!!! we got two more, yes two different books at the library last Friday!

We need to schedule a planing making playtime!