Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adult Zoodies Now Available!

Bryan took Bryson to go see "Walking With the Dinosaurs" the weekend after Bobby was born and before he did, i made him this Zoodie to match Bryson's dino zoodie...

i also sent my son with business cards...shameless and exploitative...this i know...but i guess they were late, and didnt wear their hoods during the sadly, no  business cards were distributed...but they loved the show and even skeptical bryson, "those aren't real dad, i see the strings" (talking about the pterodactyls) even was sold by some of the dinos, "but those ones ARE real dad...are they real dad? i think they are real, dad!"

also - my niece Katlyn loves pandas and requested a panda zoodie - actually the girl here is my other niece Hope since Katlyn was not here, but is for her. Hope has a kitty and Buddy (my 10 year old nephew) has a skunk. we are a zoodie family now...i realized today that i am the only one that doesnt have one...but i will remedy that shortly! i like the idea of the quick (and comfortable) trick-or-treating outfit!

available now at!

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