Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Family of 5 Photo

my mother left yesterday...we are officially on our own...scary thought...but i am feeling on the mend and my boys are probably happy to have me back - i think being off his little schedule was turning Bodie into a bit of monster...he likes the word "no" a lot. second only to "no" is "don't". punching or throwing things usually follows too. its awesome. did i mention he is 28 pounds of solid muscle too? yeah - he is pretty difficult to pin down these days. awesome. fun times.

anyway - before she left we took some family photos and this was the only one i have of the 5 of us. bodie was over the camera...can you tell? holy crow i have been laughing hysterically at this picture - bryson's face, bodie escaping, me trying to convince him how cool a picture would be...bryan and his marvin the martian shirt. this is just classic.

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Punky said...

This picture is AWESOME and should be framed! haha