Monday, September 13, 2010

bobby's first bath i like this? not sure...

he did though...he loved the that his cord fell off we felt better about bathing the little guy.

and i love that R2-D2 made an appearance...of course.

bryson took this picture. he is all about the baby. he only asks about a zillion times a day if he can hold the baby or kiss the baby or smother the baby with attention.

this little guy is gunna have some big brothers that love him lots.

at one week bobby weighed 6lbs - not very surprising since he nurses like every hour...i dont mind...i want the little guy to put some meat on his little bones!

we are doing good...daily candy was awesome and people love the zoodies...i am sewing like crazy...already completed 20 orders and have lots more to go, but feeling blessed and still enjoying making them! thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement by the way - keeps me going!!!


linsey said...

I can't wait to meet him! :) And you are a Zoodie makin' rockstar!

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

He is so beautiful. Girl...I don't know how you are doing it. I mean, I know it's kinda 'easy' (I use that word VERY lightly) when they are new, because they don't do much. But still! You have TWO MORE. ;) So great you got so many orders. Those will lead to more, for sure. Every time people see our dino zoodie, they ask me about it. I still have business cards at the ready. Elliot is super sad because we left his in Ms. Sue's class on Sunday. We've gotta get it back. Soon. He talks about it daily. :)

M. Hill said...

dude, i cant believe you are finding time to make that many zoodies with a nursing newborn! that's amazing. love the bath photo - and after staring at my bald little boy all day it's crazy to see bobby with so much hair. love it! nursery buddies indeed :)