Thursday, September 23, 2010

Re-Introducing the Bat Zoodie

oh goodness...i am just so mad right now...i took these pictures yesterday...i finished the zoodie during breakfast and snapped a couple quick pics before Bryson had school, thinking - Bryan will be able to take better pictures i didnt let him wear it to school...even though he pleaded and begged and begged and pleaded...i didnt want him to get it dirty before we could take make a long story pics were taken - bryson slept in the bat zoodie...he also slept with a bunch of BLUE silly putty...which is now all over the not sure if these are the only pics i have...

oh and did i mention he also got the BLUE nastiness all over my pillow sham...and my blanket...grrr...boys...grrr - although i am sure my mom will probably love to remind me all the millions of times i slept in gum...and i have flashbacks of the smell of de-solv-it to prove it...speaking of which...i must go and get myself about a gallon of that stuff...amazing stuff... bryan helped me with this one. he cut out the pattern and designed it really - i was skeptical his little idea would be functional AND look cool...but it is...and does...and bryson can put his arms all the way up - straight up - and it still works.

the wings are made of fleece (which is what the sweatshirt is made from) so it will wash and wear well too!

now to go check on the wash and see if the third washing of the sweatshirt is any better! grrrrr....these will be up in the shop soon...the only thing really holding me back is the lack of good pictures! but these may have to do :)

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