Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first adjustment

bobby and i both were adjusted today by Dr. Judd. i am such a big believer in chiropractic wellness after this pregnancy. wow! what a difference. i had been super vigilant about getting adjusted every other week and then every week toward the end. my hopes were to keep my back healthy during pregnancy and to avoid back labor like i had with both bryson and bodie. thankfully both of my goals were met thanks to Dr. Judd and Dr. Cicon at Sue's office.

when i was pregnant with bryson i threw my back out at around 6 months pregnant and having 2 kids - one of which i still carried quite a bit...and at 30 lbs...not fun on the back!

after bobby's birth my back definitely felt out of sorts and i am feeling like a new woman after today's adjustment! and we got a pic of little bobby getting his first adjustment too! he did great!

and here is a shot of an 8 month pregnant Dr. Cicon adjusting a 9 month pregnant me...our bellies all over the place! love it...

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linsey said...

I love this! I need to get in to see Britney next week. AAAAHHHH! Sciatica!!! or something painful and icky. And Bobby is just such a dreamy little dude. :)