Monday, May 11, 2009

tummy tub review

(bryson took this photo...he is becoming quite the photographer...its getting the camera out of his hands that's the tricky part!)

we tried the tummy tub today. julie sent this to us - she ordered it from England to try. i like the idea of it - bathing a baby is usually awkward - i've tried bathing bodie in the plastic tub thing in the sink, in the sponge thing in the bath, in this lawn-chair like thing in the bath, while holding him in the bath and shower - all these ways are difficult to hold a wet squirmy baby and bath them at the same time. the tummy tub was definitely the easiest way i have tried to bathe him. he did keep standing up - on his own and holding onto the sides..." are WAY too little for this - quit rushing things!" i told him and then caught my breath.

it kinda looks like a plant pot. you could probably get a plant pot without a drainage hole and put a mark at 5 inches and you'd be good.

Bodie didn't quite know what to think. i think the idea of sitting with liquid covering him was at first comforting then a little scary...but for the most part he enjoyed it....especially the standing up part.

it also comes with a stand that turns into a stool once you are done with it, which is nice - i am always a fan of baby products that grow with your baby. it is also easy to clean as well. overall i think i will use it above the other methods if bodie continues to enjoy it as well...although my little guy will soon graduate from this at the rate he is moving...what do you think rashelle? once he is done with it you think delia would dig it?


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...


Paige said...

we have been trying to find one of these! there are only one or two distributers in the US, so it has been a challenge. I am concerned about Hank fitting though... they say good to 6 months, and he is already that size!

CarleeKajsa said...

yeah - just buy a plant pot - not kidding - its the same thing!

linsey said...

Prince Lionheart makes one very similar - Bebe Wash Pod - my Hank did not like it and outgrew it too fast. But I wished and wanted him to like it soooo bad. The kitchen sink was definitely the easiest for me and my back.

Rashelle said...

So funny you should ask. Justin saw this for the first time the other day and asked me what the point was. I told him that it would allow me to bathe Delia on my own so he's all for it. Personally I think D would love it because she would feel nice and contained, none of that startling effect she currently gets while being bathed. We'd love to borrow it when Big Bad Bodie is done with it ;)