Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i love hand

my machine's name is Hand...so i can tell people that i embroidered their gift by Hand...get it? its still funny to me. and PS i never tell people that...it is my little inside joke to myself that i still think is funny. kinda like how i still think its kinda funny to say "Not!" after something...you think it would get old after 20 years...hmm...

anyway...back to Hand - my wonderful machine...sometimes i speak of Hand as a male and other times as a female. its funny cause i had to take him in to get fixed and i spoke of it as a "him" and the owner of the store said that he has a client who speaks of the machine as a "her" and asked me why its a him...i told him the computer and the precise-ness makes it feel masculine to me, however when the embroidery arm is off and i am getting creative and free-flowing Hand becomes a "her" - don't ask...again...that internal dialogue that probably should never be written down...

it isn't difficult to embroider and switch modes and install the arm, however i do like embroidery projects to pile up so i can knock them out all at once - kinda like my mending pile. i started going through our camping bins and found some T.M.A.F.I. fishing vests that needed embroidering and then all of the sudden my pile was very large so off i went! Bodie was absolutely enthralled with the embroidery - he stared at it for half an hour...while i did nothing...which is why i love Hand!
i also had been meaning to make this Big Sister Cape for a little girl at the park who will be having a sibling very soon - i totally ripped off the idea and added my own sense to it. i love these capes because i use old t-shirts for the backing from my goodwill pile, and i use scraps from my scrap pile for the rest - all re-purposed. i can make one out of a man's XL t-shirt - kinda like pants...too bad my husband is a M...i am not finished with this cape and it photographed so poorly - it is so much cuter in person - it is for a little girl named Charley who like her name is so sweet and girly, but rough and tumble at the same time - i thought the fabrics fit her!

i made one for my God-Daughter Charlotte before Delia's arrival too. i am thinking of putting these up in the shop, but wanted to make one for a little boy first so i have more variety - good thing i know so many ladies having boys!

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