Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

we had a lovely memorial day weekend with our santa barbara friends last weekend. the very gracious anna's parents offered up their ranch home in santa ynez and i dont think you could find a more beautiful home and property anywhere else in california! bryson had a blast too - he has been talking non-stop about the horses and chickens and the gopher that "anna tried to shoot with the gun" - he got some use out of his cowboy boots...i even bought him a matching hat to complete the look! we had such a relaxing time - waking up to roosters - thwarted runs - time with friends - AMAZING food - active campfires - feeding horses and chickens - picking onions - walking through the gorgeous vineyards - tasting wine - holding babies - playing with the dogs - more wine tasting and more amazing food - we are so grateful for our friends and how easy it is with them and because we dont see them often it makes times like these that much more special. it is so exciting that they are all procreating now too! so many babies! and the cutest babies ever to boot!

Bryan and the boys at the Saarloos & Sons tasting room.

Wine tasting at Coquelicot. To Die For Chardonnay!

the walk into town from Anna's parents house.

jeff, solera and baby declan on the swing

the new morning scene - MUCH different than college!

Eric and Julia bike riding through Los Olivos

Bryson fishing for his 2nd time at Cachuma - he didnt catch anything but we told him that we were leaving the fish in there for next time and that sated him...

and sweet jake...catching some campfire rays...

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Looks like lots of fun! Great that you are all still getting together - and that you're able to experience the parenthood stage together. :)