Saturday, May 16, 2009

Serve The City

my excitement for square foot gardening must have been apparent because i was asked to help lead a team and install a square foot garden at a needed home today.

Our church partook in Serve The City today and it was so fantastic to get out there with other members of the church and accomplish such a great thing in so little time really. we started at 9:00 and finished by 12:30 - we even didnt have a hose at the site, which slowed us down quite a bit, but we accomplished putting in 2 4x4 square foot boxes. what was cool, what ended up happening is that a ton of people in our groups (there were 3 sites total where square foot gardens went) got excited about the idea and a group was started and talks of the church farmers market was buzzing...exciting to think about/talk about and hopefully partake in!

The original site backed out, then our back-up site backed out and on wednesday i found myself calling some people i know from Jr. League and was able to find a home for our 2 boxes at PATH ventures - the new permanent residence building inside the Villages at Cabrillo. I was pretty excited to do the garden here because ever since i first read about the home's inception about 2 years ago I have been jazzed about it. The director was so excited to have the gardens and hopes that the residents adopt it, which i am not c0ncerned about since 2 or 3 of the residents asked if they could help (we had finished already unfortunately). The director gave me a tour of the facilities and i was amazed at how nice and encompassing they were- granite countertops! walk-in closets! There are 5 transitional shelters within the 26 acres at Villages at Cabrillo and I have worked with the school inside the Villages - called Bethune - for about 5 years now. The problem has been trasitioning the residents into permanent homes from the shelters and now this permanent residence helps out these families in such an incredible way.

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

My company just gave the Villages a grant. Yay for you for making things happen! XOXO!