Sunday, May 3, 2009


my poor child...part 2...i already am turning bryson into the star wars geek that i was once...okay still am...i never turn down a viewing of the amazing trinity...he knows more characters than bryan and repeatedly hums the theme song at random, which makes me VERY happy.

so - sorry about that bryson - although it seems to connect with young boys everywhere...but to add insult to injury, being a huge Bowie fan, labyrinth is also a favorite movie of mine...i probably have seen it close to 100 times...and also will not turn down a viewing. when the family was in tahoe my niece and nephew, who are older (11 and 8) wanted to watch it since i brought my DVDs. i didnt know if bryson was ready for it...i guess it can be a little scary...seeing that goblins steal a baby and i was ready to take him away and preoccupy him if needed. not needed. that boy is so strange. he LOVED coraline...LOVES labyrinth, but certain veggie tales scare him. not sure what its about...still havent figured it out...perhaps his fear of veggies in general are to be suspected.

so 2 amazing things have come of this. 1) we were in the car and the song "changes" came on and bryson said, "hey that sounds like jareth bowie" - i swear i didnt say anything. i swear i didnt say david bowie's name (i told him who the character jareth is in the movie - david bowie in real life) i swear i didnt say anything at all - he totally recognized it on his own, which i am still a little in awe over. and 2) after watching the movie again the other night he repeatedly said my FAVORITE line in the movie "nothing! nothing tra-la-la!" again - i did not tell him this is my favorite line (i had a conversation with bryan about it minus bryson not that long ago) nor did i repeat it after bowie said it in the movie. he continued to repeat this line approximately 40 times to the point that even i said, enough!

but i secretly smiled...

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

You forced me to watch that movie and I STILL have nightmares about it...seriously the SCARIEST movie I've ever seen.