Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a day in the life

today i dragged my poor children to the following places:
1. an elementary school - to drop off flyers, etc for a class the Jr League is putting on there
2. the park - bryson actually liked that
3. to get an oil change
4. post office
5. trader joe's
6. bagel shop
7. see's candies - okay bryson liked this too, as evidenced by his chocolate sucker mouth/shirt/hands/shorts
8. back to oil change place to pick up the car
9. staples
10. ralph's
11. bryan's basketball game
needless to say...i, along with my children, are spent...i hate errand days like this, but wanted to post this to give myself encouragement that i can have a day like this and still at the end of the day look back and realize how we made it somewhat enjoyable, like telling bryson stories while he was in the shopping cart and telling myself what a workout i am getting having Bodie in the ergo for approximately 4 hours, like trying to have some alone time with Bodie after bryson fell asleep in the car and let me put him down for a nap (he did say, 'i am not tired' with his eyes clossed as i laid him down i must mention).

an older lady at the grocery store saw me and asked if my baby was a boy. "yes, another one" i said (i am paranoid that people mistake bryson for a boy with his long hair...especially old ladies) and she smiled and said, "aren't you blessed?"

yes...yes i am very blessed.

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