Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nursing Necklace

I am in love with my new nursing necklace...and I am not the only one!

i think these are just the greatest ideas! i am so bad with cheap costume jewelry...i am like hoggle from The Labyrinth...seriously - its bad. but after bryson could grab i put it all away until he was around 2 and i wasn't carrying him around so much any more...bodie is already at the grabbing stage so away goes my jewelry again - except for this little necklace.

i bought it at an etsy store - Stones of Healing - and love how bodie now grabs this whenever i hold/wear/nurse him! its made from all natural unfinished birch and they have sanded it super smooth.

i found myself with a headache at the end of the day from his fat little hands grabbing my hair all day long. clumps of hair (i must get better at taking my calmag!) anyway...they are getting better now...still he manages to outsmart me! not just that, but it is so great always having a toy/teething ring/grabber at hand. instead of searching every corner for something to occupy him - i have one around my neck. i wore it last weekend in modesto and several people complimented me on my "necklace" - so who knew i am stylish too?

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The Holland Family said...

oooh! I want one of those... do you get the little finger nail scratches and hair pulls too? what a great idea!