Friday, April 24, 2009

4 months old

bodie -you are 4 months old today! it seems like you have all of the sudden woken up this month and are all of the sudden HERE! you respond to everyone and flirt with anyone who gives you attention- much to the delight of check-out ladies are grabbing like crazy - mostly my hair...i find it in your fists constantly. when you nurse you pet my breastbone and it is so sweet. speaking of recently have been wanting to do it every hour to hour and a half - maybe a growth spurt? your appetite seems to be very healthy. at night you typically do a nice 6 hour sleep and then continue to nurse every 2 hours after are in bed with us so it isn't that big of a deal, but you waking combined with your brother waking (2-3 times per night this week) is making mommy TIRED! speaking of brother - you love it when brother blows on your stomach and entertains you. he also loves taking care of you and insists on bathing you whenever you need it...which is often since you spit up and drool quite frequently! you rolled over completely from back to stomach for the first time a week ago and we are finding we need to strap you in to wherever you are because you are a squirmy baby!

you are also very strong and prefer to stand on our laps to work your muscles - a linebacker in the making! but don't get any ideas...i won't let you play football goes against all my mommy sense! daddy calls you "face" because your face tends to light up a room - it goes from dead serious to an all encompassing grin in the matter of seconds. you are still an easy-going baby...unless you are hungry...then you get mad/sad and even produce tears if you aren't fed within a minute. its a good thing your food is just a heartbeat away because i don't think you would tolerate any delay in feeding! you are such a joy of a baby and i am loving every second of you - i have wished i could stop time on several an occasion! but despite my repeated requests you continue to GROW - you are now in 12 month clothes...with your cloth diapers you can not even be squeezed into 9 month clothes, you kinda skipped the whole 6-9 mo category...

i am not sure if you are teething or just always desire something to be in your mouth every second because when you are in anyone's lap you grab at their hands and put them in your mouth. it is the best when you start talking at this point.

you are typically taking 3 naps a day - if i can time it right you take a good ol' long one around 3 that lasts a couple hours. you wake in the morning so happy and make it so easy to get up and we are all truly blessed that you are around!

PS - you are wearing Happy Heinys diapers here - size large...which i love the fit of...but their liners i use fuzzi bunz liners and they work amazing!

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