Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter in tahoe

i am still reeling from this last week! bryson had been gone already to bryan's parent's house and bryan and i went to see leonard cohen (amazing...i intend to post more later about that!) and then flew out on saturday morning (amazing that we made our flight...i apparantly shut off my alarm in my sleep and we woke up an hour later than i intended...flew to LAX in 12 minutes, parked the car and checked in. if we would have been 10 minutes later they wouldnt have checked us in!) to tahoe via reno. it was bodie's first plane ride - he did suspected!

we stayed in bryan's grandpa's cabin and i finally got to meet Kristie's baby Kassai. what a doll! we had some crazy weather and managed to pack a lot in a short time, as usual! we took family pictures, went to the casinos (i was such a pooper tired...not feeling any good luck mojo at all! i just basically moped around and searched everywhere for a place to lie down). one day bryan went skiing with his mom and sister while i took bryson and bodie on the gondola to look out over tahoe - gorgeous! we watched movies, played games, painted easter eggs, went to an Easter Sunday church service (where Bodie pooped VERY loud during, thank you very much!) had amazing food all week (thank you Bob!). we went sledding and even got to take Bryson fishing for the first time. it happened to be snowing on us as we were fishing, but i had a great time anyway - felt a little nibble on my (probably frozen) powerbait. hmmm...teaching bryson to sit still with the rod is going to be a challenge. when he got home his meema asked how it was and he told her that he didnt catch anything because he wasn't patient...

it definitely gave me the bug to fish some more...plans are definitely in the works...

we had a fabulous time - so full of so much goodness...good to be home though and sleeping (somewhat) better!

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