Monday, April 20, 2009

t-shirt fun

another long bodie nap...close to 3 hours...bryson has NEVER done this before...umm except for once i think...and i probably woke him up because i was too scared at what he would do the rest of the night! anyway - these long naps have been good mommy/bryson alone time...which does make a difference - which is better for everyone :)
around the time i became pregnant with bodie and realized that bryson was more into structured time - i began a craft time with him that i typically do at least 3-4 times a week. most of the time we color or play with play-doh - occassionally we will paint or watercolor or fingerpaint or stamp and now collage, whatever we do i try to make it "structured" structured as i am i guess. i also have started a pre-school workbook with him since he told his father that he wants to learn the "numbers" so that he can read the books without us. many evenings he stays up after we say goodnight and "reads" his books...upside down...and makes up the stories...any way - in an effort to build on that excitement and sentiment i started this workbook - it is going really well and he seems to be into it. one of the exercises they like for kids to do is "trace the path" so that they can begin the skills/hand-eye coordination to trace the letters, which is necessary for writing. also great for this is to color between the lines. (oops...hadnt understood that before). on the airplane back from reno/tahoe - i picked up one of those imaginary ink books that only show a picture in the boxes you color and it was the best way to get him to stay in the lines...we do those for crafts too...anyway...what exactly was my point? i guess that our craft time has morphed into a pre-school/alone time that he has come to really look forward to and i as well.
i recently opened an account at american apparal and used it to buy some shirts for Sweet B and also for bryson and bryan...all these plain shirts just bother me so we have used craft time to have some fun with shirts. bryson really wanted to stamp today, so i let him pick out the stamps and colors and this is what he did...i think it turned out quite darling!

this one is his "meema" shirt. he thinks its funny that his meema rides a scooter, so we decided to make him a shirt to remind him of her. i have more ideas for the rest of the shirts, but am enjoying our time creating them together. hopefully he will have memories of this more than the movies i put in for him to watch so i can clean the house :)

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