Thursday, April 9, 2009

i pity the drool

one of the great things to come from this decession (depression/recession) is that i hear more dialogue about consumption and what we consume and how and where and why and....the point is that a lot of people are making conscious choices of where they spend their money because they know it matters. whether it is wanting to keep mom and pop shops in business or not contributing to the amazing amounts of pollution by other companies, people are taking a second to think about how their choices affect a bigger structure. just by going through the process of starting a handmade business with girlfriends, i have tried to give and buy handmade as much as possible. i started also finding other blogs by mamas who do/think the same and it has been so encouraging/empowering to think that i dont have to spend money - i can make it! it has also changed the way i view getting rid of clothes - if there is something that never fit right, i can fix it! if the neckline never worked, i can just cut it out! anyway - brain change has happened here and it is a good thing.

i found this Mr. T felt applique onesie (i also got a shirt for bryson too) on etsy - her shop Bambina Mia and she has the most darling things. so time you are in the market for a baby or bridal shower gift, or birthday present please visit some home-made goodness stores, or make a stop to the local mom and pop gift shop before you head into toys r us or target or walmart...because it does matter!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

I LOVE it!

Paige said...


If you haven't already, you should read "Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community" by Wendell Berry. You will love it. Here is a little taste from one of the essays called "Conservation and Local Economy"...

"We need to study and work together to reduce scale, reduce overhead, reduce industrial dependencies; we need to market and process local products locally; we need to bring local economies into harmony with local ecosystem so that we can live and work with pleasure in the same places indefinitely; we need to substitute ourselves, our neighborhoods, our local resources, for expensive imported goods and services; we need to increase cooperation among all local economic entities: households, farms, factories, banks, consumers, and suppliers. If we are serious about reducing government and the burdens of government, then we need to do so by returning economic self-determination to the people."