Tuesday, April 7, 2009

we weighed bodie today and he is 16lbs 1oz...and by "we" i mean that i did. usually it is bryson and i that weigh him - bryson likes to hold up the scale like he is the one weighing him...but i am without my little helper...he left today to be with his grandparents - his meema flew in last night and flew him to san jose this afternoon. i have mixed emotions about this, but i am overall very excited. although...i just passed his empty room and a wave of sadness came over me. this is the longest we'll have been apart. i think every parent of a "spirited" 3 year old should do this though. in bryan's sage wisdom - i need to miss him. i was talking with some other moms the other day and the other mom also had a 3 year old and was saying how nice it will be for me and how much work i will get done...i mean you still have a baby...she said, but you won't have a 3 YEAR OLD...so true. my days will be quiet, i won't have to spank anyone, i won't pull my hair out at the end of the night when bryson requests something for the 8th time to stall his bedtime just a minute more, i won't have countless toys/weapons to pick up, i won't have meals to make for a picky eater that most likely won't be eaten anyway, i won't have to curtail all my errands because he can't stand to stop one more place...is it wierd that all these things that make my day so much more difficult are the very things i will miss so much? i already miss his enthusiasm - his joy helps get me through this 4-7 slump with his never-ending ideas for crafts and his help with getting dinner ready. by the pictures you would of thought this is about bodie...again that middle child thing. but bodie is learning how to make himself heard. it seems like right around 3 months he started to let us know he is here too and he is hungry darn it!!! always hungry...which explains the 16lbs. the little triangular fabric toy is made by the lovely paige - whom i still owe a thank you card to...which i will be able to get to this week along with the other 10 thank you cards piling up - thank you paige - he loves it...sometimes they make him quite angry though and i have to hide them from him and he calms down - like he wants to do so much more with it and doesn't quite know how...story of my life! anyway - i am looking forward to clearing my email inbox and my literal inbox and getting on top of taxes and finally curing that cancer...oh yeah - and spending some alone time with my precious baby boy...i can finally find out when he is taking naps and hopefully get him to sleep a little better at night (i.e. not waking up every hour) i will keep reminding myself of that whenever i start to get a little sad that my bigger boy is not around to keep my days so interesting!

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