Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bolsa Chica Wetland

We went running today at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. it is a place we often pass on our way south on the PCH but we have never actually been through. i had always wanted to because it looks so untouched and a little dirty-beautiful. does that make sense? anyway - my brother jake and his wife mandie and my sister and bryan and i all left the kids with my 15 year old niece katlyn and headed otu there. my brother amazingly knew exactly where to go and exactly where to park so taht we would run at least 4 miles. we had so much fun running...seriously fun...i hadnt even realized i ran - it didnt seem like work. maybe it was the company - we have a good time and good laughs running...maybe it was the amazing surroundings...maybe because it was the trail and so much easier on my body so i feel like going longer...maybe/definitely all of those reasons. while we were running we gave each other running names - mandie=bear / sara-britt=horse (she is heavy on her feel while running) / jake=shrek /bryan=kenya and me=ass...because of two reasons - 1. i start and stop and start and stop like a mule and 2. i have a big butt.

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