Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Weeks Old

Bodie is 2 weeks old today. It is crazy that we have known him for so little a time since he has been out, yet we can't picture our lives without him. He is a sweet baby and already fitting in. At two weeks he has outgrown any newborn clothes and fills out 3 month clothes all too well - i am sure in about a week or 2 he will be moving on to 3-6 month clothes! He is a great nurser and he is nursing about every 2-3 hours (sometimes every hour but not often). he is learning how to go back to sleep at night - still a challenge, but he'll figure it out. He is so strong too - the way he moves his neck and pushes off of us - he really feels more like a 2-3 month old than a newborn. He still has blue eyes and in comparing pictures of him and Bryson, he is fairer than his brother at this point. He loves the moby and he can defintely live without the carseat. Bryson is also calming down quite a bit - he hasn't had a potty accident in 2 days and his tantrums aren't quite so bad and he has been super sweet to his little brother. There has been quite a bit of movie watching for him, but i am trying to give myself a little grace as well - balancing the business and bryson and a newborn is not an easy task and I am trying to go easy on myself. I am so surprised at how we all have adjusted so quickly to all these changes. I am continually amazed by God's design of women and what He has made us capable of!

My sister came over yesterday to give the boys well checks. I am so blessed to have a sister that is a PA (Physician's Assistant) - she was able to check the boys and we have a home chart now - so much easier than going to the dr. office...i have to figure out a way to compensate her...she is so sweet to do that - always answers my calls - better than any pediatrician i could hope for! Both boys checked out well and healthy - we are very thankful.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support and meals. We are loving this time getting to know our sweet little Bodie Owen and can't wait for you all to spend more time with him as well!

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Solera said...

So cute! I can't wait to see him again. He's making such a Bryan face in that second pic!