Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cookie Man in Bed

our little cookie man (bryson) is such a nutty sleeper. he has been coming into our bed around 5 or 6 in the morning...which is not a new development, but now that i have a baby attached to my breast most of the time bryson now gets between bryan and i, and bryan can not stand it. now - anyone who knows bryan knows that he rarely gets mad...very few things make him upset (which is probably why i am so attracted to him...he can stand me on most days) - there are exceptions to this mint and futons...but that is an entirely different story. back to my point- one thing that does manage to make him MAD is when bryson puts his feet on him in the morning while we are in bed. now - to bryan's credit bryson doesn't just put his feet on you - he uses you like a swimmer uses a pool wall to make their turn...he is super annoying...BUT what I dont get is that bryan does the exact same thing to me! i call him "the conqueror" because he always has to have a foot or a leg on me at all times when sitting on the couch or lying in bed. so it is no surprise that bryson inherited this trait from his father, but is surprising that it makes bryan so irate.

i noticed this and then started reflecting also on what bryson does that i find extremely annoying and it is when i ask him to do anything and he replies with "no" or "but..." or gives some other excuse and i say, "why can't you ever say 'okay mommy'," and then that phrase from my mom rings like an alarm in my head from childhood and i its not surprising that bryson inherited his strong will from his mommy...i found it amusing that those things that annoy us so much as parents are the traits we see in ourselves - consciously or not. i guess its true that what goes around comes around...something like any rate - bryson deserves a little more grace and patience from me - which is a great resolution...although - sorry bryson - i can't promise that from daddy...hopefully you won't be in our bed the rest of your life and it wont be an issue!


JJ said...

what is all over his face???

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