Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sizing Up and Sizing Down

this is a big day for Bodie and myself...Bodie moved into 3-6 month clothes today after i noticed he is crammed into 0-3 and I shouldn't force him into clothes even though i feel like he needs to wear all the cute outfits he was given...i am trying to force him into all the onesies our friends made as fast as i can he is in his DARLING 3-6 month jumper given to him by Jena and he is also wearing Jeff's BIG onesie, which i though appropriate as well...

it is also a big day for me...i am wearing jeans with an actual ZIPPER for the first time in like 6 months...granted they are my fat jeans..and i crammed myself in them, but i am quite happy about it thank you very much!


JJ said...

Ya, zippers!!!!

He's so delicious!

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Aw - I'm jealous. :) I just made the switch to maternity clothes and already can't wait to go back. That sounds bad - I am, of course, ecstatic to be growing a baby again...just a little uncomfortable at times. Wow - Bodie already in 3-6 months - he MUST be nursing well. Glad you are doing well - can't wait to meet him next week when I bring your dinner!