Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Trip to Dland

today was Bodie's first trip to disneyland. we went with Becky and her kids - Asher & Ella Jayne. we actually only went to californialand if you wanna get technical. i was nervous braving the park by myself - we were outnumbered and all...but we survived and not only survived, we had a wonderful time! i even got to go on California Screamin' thanks to Becky! we took the boys to the grizzly park/obstacle course thing and they loved it...bryson probably went down the same slide about 25 times before we sidetracked him...while waiting for him (over and over and over again) two bears happened by and became enamored with was kinda cool...then kinda awkward and then kinda surreal and Becky snapped a pic of the whole mess, for which i was grateful. it was just that it was quite odd to have furry people fondling my child and not just that but they couldnt talk, so the whole encounter was eerily silent - i wanted to answer their voice-less questions...5 weeks...i almost told them...a boy...i wanted to say, but then i realized - these are bears... i wanted to take more pics of the boys, but my camera was out of battery and shut down right after the bear incident - so i am inlcuding a pic of the boys from the other day at the park instead...just pretend mickey mouse is in the background :)

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JJ said...

ya, that's pretty creepy! : )