Saturday, January 10, 2009

baby gazing

i am so happy its the weekend. we had a lovely day today and its so nice to have bryan around - he has been working hard in the office by himself...usually the winters aren't so bad for our pool business, but lately there are some annoying federal laws that have him teeth grinding. but today there was no work and we spent the day with auntie sara and uncle pete and walking around on 2nd street. it was nice to get out as a family and to be outside in the beautiful winter weather we are having...i hear that the santa ana winds are coming, so it was nice to be out before they come crashing through...

Bodie is doing wonderfully and it is as though he has always been around. we have been calling him Bodie Blue since his eyes are still a crazy blue color! last night he slept a 5 hour stretch...i was amazed...and i am not getting used to that idea, but it was nice to have a solid stretch of sleep...he did great today in the moby too - i love that thing...thank you so much Jena! we have been very content just taking it easy and baby gazing and movie watching. my sewing machine is catching dust and my running shorts are as well, but there will be plenty of time for that soon enough! i am enjoying our "babymoon" very much!

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