Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swamp Baby

if i would have thought of it sooner, i would have made us all gone as "Swamp People" for Halloween. our whole family is LOVEing this show...

Bryson constantly quotes (our favorite) Troy, "dassa big alligator. gunna haveta catch dat sucka!"

here is bodie dressed as "T Mike" yes...thats his name...T Mike...why? i dunno...but i love it! we had a bandana on him, but he took it off...PS look how buff he is!

but we are already thinking of having a Swamp People party...if you ever watch the show...and see their dinners they eat - its all completely beige...EVERYTHING is fried...so that would of course be the menu...fried gator, french fries, fried catfish...anyone know where we could find some gator?

1 comment:

Rashelle said...

Man, that show. Those alligators give me the creeps. I'm just waiting for the time that one of them is not all the way dead and it gets in the boat and bites someone's butt!

Happy Birthday...by the way :)