Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love it! Stocking Edition - My Dream Stocking

1. My favorite chocolates

2. When I was in college I would go to church sometimes at the monestary - they roasted their own coffee and it was amazing! I just realized you can order it now!

3. maybe a pretty print like this one

4. i feel naked without a headband

5. we always get practical things like socks and underwear...i need some of these for a cute navy skirt of mine!
6. I went to the Crow Bar Restaurant in Corona del Mar for my bday dinner...everything was delicious and when i asked them why (among other reasons) the waitress said they use rock salt in everything they cook...yummmo

7. the sweetest butter dish i have ever seen
8. oh, and this apron too please!

9. and i must have another tomte for my collection!

oh my...maybe i should add a bigger stocking to that list!

this was fun...therapeutic even! i think i should do the kids next :)

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Anonymous said...

I love your list! All of it!