Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love It! Present Edition - Bryson (Age 5)

1. if i hadn't just banned toy "sets" in my house (because i still catch bodie trying to swallow legos, dimes, batteries, gum name it) i would totally get this for him - ingenious idea!!!

2. bryson loves dressing up and i think he would totally dig this beard

3. Bryson loves to listen to stories before bed...when i don't feel like reading "Bats at the Library" or "Put Me in the Zoo" for the millionth time...he listens to a CD of stories - we are loving Jim Weiss right now

4. Cause its awesome and cause i want this myself too...The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

5. He watched Karate Kid 3 with his dad and is obsessed with Karate...he and bodie steal my headbands (they call them hi-ya's) and kick each other...he would love this shirt

6. We decided that 5 was the age we would start the whole "chores" and teaching fiscal responsibility - we always did the coffee can thing, but this is a great idea!

7. Bryson loves helping me in the kitchen - i know he would dig these because a) they are knives and b) he loves all weapons

8. We all know how obsessed Bryson is with paper airplanes. Paige found these knowing that and tipped me off and I already bought him some because he is gunna go bananas for them!

9. Bryson also loves helping in the garden - he has a "real" rake and shovel (they are just smaller versions of the real thing made for kids) but he would love getting a "real" wheelbarrow to help dad in the garden

10. rashelle turned me on to olive juice - their unionsuit is so cute and would make the best christmas PJs!

so fun!!

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