Friday, November 12, 2010

Dance Class Update

JJ trying to explain the Shirley....for the millionth time
Remember when I mentioned I would be taking that dance class? well...i have been going pretty steady - only missed twice since then (and so sad to miss this last week...i came down with some 24 hour bug...yuk!) and it has been so so fun!

my cousin is in the class too - its an hour of jazz and an hour of tap. the thing is...i am HORRIBLE at tap! and jenny is amazing...(i called her a show pony last time because she is so graceful and elegant with her taps) not me so much...truth is, if she wasnt in the class i probably would have stopped after the first week because its HARD! mentally...but i am glad i didnt give feels good to be challenged - mentally and physically (in an arena apart from babies) and its so rewarding when i finally get down a step...that is, when i get down a step...i haven't really nailed too many of them truth be told...but i AM hope is not lost!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

This is AMAZING. I don't remember anyone taking a picture. Too funny!

Rashelle said...

You'll always be the governor's son to me!