Monday, November 29, 2010

Stocking Love

i posted last year about our family stockings...dubbed my labor the story here.

so...i started putting up the Christmas decorations before we left for our Colorado trip to visit my mom for Thanksgiving. it was bothering me that Bobby did not have a stocking, so i whipped one up before we left. that is better! i had a little stocking making party of my own....listening to christmas music and sipping some coffee and a quiet house while the kiddos were sleeping.

i must say...i got super teary eyed looking at our mantle and seeing all of our stockings hanging.


our little family.

all represented by silly little handmade stockings.

but complete.

i think this won't be the last time i get weepy at this...

in fact, i have cried no less than 10 times in the past month just realizing that my baby-making days are behind me. a good type of crying...a nostalgic cry...or rather a complete-ness type of crying.

silly how stockings can make a mama cry! silly...but so representative of our family to come in the next Christmases...our building of tradition...our togetherness at holidays...

okay make that 11 times :)

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