Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bumblee Zoodie and Holiday Ordering Promo Code!!!

goodness...miss ella jayne should get paid for this...i think for now she will settle for getting a free bumblee zoodie and a cupcake :)

i am going to wait to post this one to the shop until i can get a few better shots - horrible lighting+sugar rush+tired girl+super amateur photo skills=no good photos - but if you are interested just email me and it can be done.

i am also undecided about adding wings to the back. bryan thinks it could be simple since they just lay on the back...not convinced...what do you think?

on a separate note - if you were thinking of ordering a zoodie for Christmas - do it now!! i just realized that we are leaving a week before Christmas out of town...that means i need to receive holiday orders by December 1st to ensure holiday delivery.

And to sweeten the deal - i have added a promo code: HOLIDAY - for 25% off your zoodie order, but it will only be available until November 15th. So spread the word! 

1 comment:

Paige said...

What if you just did some stitched on wings in the back, instead actual wings?